Creating slides using the iPython notebook

This semester I'm teaching a free study activity called C++11/14 basic introduction and as an experiment I decided to try to create my slides using an iPython notebook.

Turns out this works pretty well, and

Hosting the slides

Since the slides are basically a html website with some javascript we can easily make the slides available for online viewing.

For the slides to work properly we also have to host the reveal.js javascript library. To ensure that it will work as expected you should use the same version of reveal.js as the iPython However, this did not work straight out of the box so here is a small tip.

ipython nbconvert --to slides lecture1.ipynb --post serve --log-level=INFO

This will generate some output and show where the in-built webserver forwards requests to the reveal.js library:

[NbConvertApp] Redirecting reveal.js requests to

So if we want to use the same version of reveal.js we should use version 2.5.0.